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Fiber Optic Sensing

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Smart Monitoring Solutions For Pipeline & Process

Bandweaver has worked together with customers and partners for more than 10 years to develop security, process efficiency and asset integrity solutions for the petrochemical and industrial process industry.

Whether it is a remote long distance pipeline with limited security, an inner city pipe at risk of accidental damage from 3rd party construction or a process facility with condition monitoring requirements, Bandweaver’s unique and versatile range of systems can provide you with a solution.

Application areas include

  • Third Party Intrusion detection (intentional sabotage or unintentional digging, drilling in vicinity)
  • Perimeter intrusion detection system
  • Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG) Tracking
  • Condition monitoring of pipe and valves
  • Seismic and landfall detection
  • Pipeline Leak detection both for liquid (hydrocarbon, water, chemical..) and gas
  • LNG terminal and pipeline security and integrity
  • Vessel integrity (leak detection , skin monitoring)